About the BP Club



Next BP Club: Sunday, Dec 17


Resource papers from August 'New Skills':    CV tips   |      Sample covering letter

3.30 pm Myanmar   |   4 pm Thailand   |   5 pm Hong Kong   |  8 pm Sydney   |   9 pm NZ

Your BPC Team

Ei Poke:   Email: einandar285@gmail.com    |     Tel: (+66) 9 0670 2998     |      Skype: einandar285

Muriel Valles:    |     Email: murielvalles1994@gmail.com   |     Skype: murielvalles

Smallay:   Email: smallay1998@gmail.com|   |    Tel / Skype: (+66) 8 7521 7622

Fr Ron:    Email: ronaldnissen@bigpond.com      |      Tel: (+61) 416 091 139     |     Skype: rnissen

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About the BP Club

As BP16-17 was coming to its end, BP-ers expressed their wish for continuing communication
with each other as well as some ongoing development.
And so the idea of the BP Club was formed:
a “virtual community” gathering monthly by video chat on the Internet...


  • Invitations have been sent to all members of BP16 and BP16-17
  • All other BP-ers may join
  • BP friends are ‘honorary members’


  • First BPC Team is Ei Poke, Smallay (BP16-17) & Fr Ron
  • New team member (Jul 2017): Muriel Valles (BP13)

Session times

  • Last Sunday of each month
  • 3.30 pm Myanmar  /  4 pm Thailand   /   5 pm Hong Kong   /   7 pm Sydney*   /   9 pm NZ
    [*Sydney times change during Daylight Saving Time: October to March]

Award points

· These will be awarded for:

  • Being online, on time (50)
  • Correct or best quiz answers (10)
  • Surprise points (10)
  • Best communicator (25)
  • Club Member of the Day (25)

  • Submitting a suitable quiz question (25) (but you cannot get points for answering your own question!
  • Members who join the Club later receive 100 points for every previous Club session
  • Members who advise in advance that they cannot join a session receive 100 points for that session

· At the end of the year, it is hoped that award prizes will be available for members who have earned sufficient points


Format of a BP Club session


  • Members need to be connected to Skype  ‘online, on time’
  • A team member will call members into the chat


  • Opportunity to say ‘hello’ to each other

Recent News

  • Members share “where I have been and what I have been doing” since the last BPC session


  • A team member will conduct a 10-question quiz

Question 10: best communicator

Quiz Q 10 will be “who is the best communicator?”

  • Members compose one short sentence
  • Without video, they read the words once, and a second time using more tone in their voice
  • With video, they read again using body language as well
  • Members then vote for the “best communicator”

Questions or comments

  • There will be opportunities for members to ask questions or make comments on any topic

New skills

  • Short session with some new skill or educational topics

Coming events

  • Members may share what they will soon be doing

Club Member of the Day

  • Members vote for the person who they think has contributed most to the session (sharing, information, smiles, etc)

Best memories

  • Members share their best memories of the BPC session

Award point scores for the session

  • a team member will announce scores


  • Other announcements & farewells