Refugee youth preparing for further study

BP16 Photo competition (June 2016)

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25 bonus points awarded for each photo submitted (maximum two)


1 -- Mee Lay ('Children') 100 bonus points
2 -- Pyae Pyae ('Kids life in Umphiem Camp') 75 bonus points
3 -- John Khai ('The Bridge in Mae La Camp') 50 bonus points

Hay Mamn - the boats on the Thaung Yin River
Hay Mamn - the bridge
Johnkhai - The Bridge in Mae la Camp
Johnkhai- Children life in the Camp
Lar Paw - A priceless smile of migrant child
Lar Paw - Beautiful morning of Maesot
Mee Lay-Children
Mee Lay-Nature
Mee Lay-person
Ngu Wah-a simple smile
Ngu Wah-a way to home.jpg
Pyae Pyae-A nature beauty of Umphiem camp
Pyae Pyae-Kids' Life in Umphiem camp
Rosalind - Nga Wun River in Pathein
Rosalind - Pathein bridge
Thoo Lei- a woman in the farm village
Thoo Lei- Bridge
Thu Rain - Mae Hong Son camp 1 bridge photo
Thu Rain - Unity in diversity