Refugee youth preparing for further study

BP16 Assignments and Information Pages

BPA-01 Clear Communication - Emails MS Word  |  PDF
BPA-01-IP Clear Communication - Emails PDF
BPA-02 Letterheads MS Word  |  PDF
BPA-02-IP Letterheads PDF
BPA-03 Working Responsibly MS Word  |  PDF
BPA-03-IP Working Responsibly MS Word  |  PDF
BPA-04 Clear Communication - Easier Reading MS Word  |  PDF
BPA-04-IP Clear Communication - Easier Reading MS Word  |  PDF
BPA-05 Check lists MS Word  |  PDF
BPA-05-IP Check lists MS Word  |  PDF
BPA-06 Image reflection MS Word  |  PDF
BPA-07 BP Office MS Word  |  PDF
BPA-07-IP BP Office PDF
BPA-08 BP Office budget MS Word  |  PDF
BPA-08-IP BP Office budget MS Excel
BPA-09 Note taking MS Word  |  PDF
BPA-10 Crosswords MS Word  |  PDF
BPA-10-IP Crosswords MS Excel
BPA-11 Australia Quiz MS Word  |  PDF
BPA-12 First twelve years of my life MS Word  |  PDF
BPA-13 The BP shirt MS Word  |  PDF
BPA-13-IP The BP shirt PDF
BPA-14 The recent years of my life MS Word  |  PDF
BPA-15 Fancy letterhead MS Word  |  PDF
BPA-15-IP Fancy letterhead PDF
BPA-16 My life story summarised MS Word  |  PDF
BPA-17 Creative Project MS Word  |  PDF
BPA-18 BP Application Process MS Word  |  PDF
BPA-19 Positive memories of BP MS Word  |  PDF
BPA-20 Ending BP16 MS Word  |  PDF