Burmese youth preparing for further study


Bridge Program in Myanmar Project


From left:

Naw Air Paw

Naw Chyu Wah Paw

Naw Nan Nan Nwe

Naw Si Si Khaing

From left:

Naw Win Kyi

Saw Nay Thway

Saw Tun Naing Oo

Saw Yel Yint Soe


BIMP (Bridge Program in Myanmar Project) is a simple, online educational opportunity for eligible Burmese youth to prepare for further studies.

It is for those who have graduated from high school, post-ten school, junior college or universities in Myanmar, targeting young people from all states and divisions. BIMP is a true youth development project

Bridge Program (BP) model
Following the success of the Bridge Program for young Burmese in Thailand, BIMP sets out to achieve similar results in Myanmar;

BP has enabled many of its participants to study at international universities including Australian Catholic University's online program in Thailand and universities abroad. 

For background and other information about the BP model, visit 'About BP' on this web site. 

BIMP skill development
Eligible ethnic youth will develop skills in:

  • clear communication
  • critical thinking
  • personal self-management
  • English reading, speaking and conversation
  • information techonology (computers, Internet and software)

Community development
BIMP aims to contribute to community development in Myanmar:

  • by assisting its participants to work more effectively in their organizations using the new skills

  • to strengthen organizations with well-trained young people

  • by encouraging more responsible use of social media.

  • by acknowledging migrant and ethnic minority educational options in Myanmar and abroad, and by seeking accreditation from government-recognized agencies in Myanmar.


Keen to know more about BIMP?

Contact: chitmin.bimp@gmail.com


Application form: Click here


Above: BIMP director, Chit Min, and (right) his Bilin township office, Myanmar


Above: Chit Min interviewing a BIMP applicant. Below: BIMP applicants accessing Internet signal on a mountain top.